About Us

 Fantech’s Logo in the Form of Wings Symbolizes Our Desire to Become a Wing for Gamers and Gear Up the Gamers With Our Products That Will Increasingly Evolve to Become an Increasingly Extraordinary Weapon for Gamers and Become a Wide-Spread Wings For Pro Gamers to Win World-Class Games .

Fantech is The Innovators of Lifestyle for Gamers

Founded in 2009, with the GEAR UP & WIN Slogan We Are Ready to Support and Innovate to Provide The Best Gaming Gear for Gamers All Around the World. With Us Designing Our Product With What You Need, We Have a Mission to Position Ourselves as One of the Best Manufacturers of Gaming Gear and Take Part in The Development of The World of National E-Sport.

Allow Fantech to Armed You, Trust Fantech to Equip and Become a Strong Wings to Take You to the Top. We Are Ready to Contribute along Your Gaming Journey.